About The Film


An inquisitive seven year-old girl demands to learn about “the facts of life” from her reluctant father in this comedic short film.


At the precocious age of seven, I approached my father with the burning question that every child eventually comes to ask his or her parents: “Where do babies come from?” My dad took a deep breath, sat me on the couch and began explaining the age-old question to me while illustrating the male and female organs with a pen and pad of paper in hand.  After he completed telling me about “the birds and the bees,” the biggest follow-up question I had for him was, “Does mom know about this?”  He then laughed and jotted down my question on the same page he had drawn those ridiculous pictures.

Years later in college, my screenwriting professor gave me a short writing assignment where I had to write a scene that dealt with comedic awkwardness.  Trying to think of an idea, I went home that weekend and I happened to stumble upon the illustrations and notes my dad made the day he explained “the facts of life” to me.  The memory of having “the talk” with my dad brought a big smile to my face, and it was at that moment that I knew what my short script would entail.  And to make the scenario even more awkward, I decided instead to have the father character explain “the horizontal mambo” to his inquisitive daughter rather than to his son.  After completing the assignment, I put it on the shelf for seven years and completely forgot about it.  Until one day, the script was staring me right in the face and I then had an epiphany to make it into a short film. Twinkies & Donuts has truly been a journey over twenty years in the making, and I am thrilled to now share it with the world — especially with those who still believe they were delivered to their parents by some giant bird, much like the face of Vlasic Pickles.